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      Product name Producing area Specifications Use
    Acetic anhydride Domestic 200KG/drum

    It is used as an acetylating agent, and is used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals (aspirin), dyes, and acetate fibers. It is prepared by oxidizing oxygen with acetaldehyde in the presence of cobalt acetate or copper acetate catalyst at 55-65 °C.

    Glacial acetic acid Domestic 200KG/drum

    Mainly used in organic synthesis, synthetic fiber, dyes, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and other industries.

    Polyethylene Shanghai Jinfei 25KG/bag

    Uses: Communication cable insulation.

    Polyethylene Qilu 25KG/bag

    Uses: Communication cable insulation.

    Ethyl acetate Domestic 170KG/drum

    Mainly used as a solvent, and used in the synthesis of dyes and some pharmaceutical intermediates.

    Ethylene glycol Imported 225KG/drum

    It is mainly used in the manufacture of resins, plasticizers, synthetic fibers, cosmetics and explosives, and as a solvent to formulate antifreeze for engines.

    Diethylene glycol Imported 225KG/drum

    It is mainly used as a solvent, such as a solvent such as nitrocellulose, rubber, resin, grease, paint, and household medicine. It can also be used as a plasticizer for resins, a tobacco anti-drying agent, a fiber lubricant, and a desiccant for natural gas.

    n-butyl acrylate Domestic Drum180KG

    Used as organic synthesis intermediates, binders, emulsifiers, coatings. Oleic acids and their esters are widely used in industry.

    Acrylic acid Domestic Drum200KG

    Important organic synthetic raw materials and synthetic resin monomers are ethylene monomers with very fast polymerization rates.

    Acrylonitrile Domestic Drum160KG

    Acrylonitrile is an important monomer for synthetic fibers, synthetic rubbers and synthetic resins. Polyacrylonitrile fiber, that is, acrylic fiber, is obtained from acrylonitrile, and its properties are very similar to wool, so it is also called synthetic wool.

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