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    Product name: trans-2-octenal

    Origin: domestic

    Specification: loose water

    product description:

    Chinese name: Trans-2-octene aldehyde

    English name: E-2-Octen-1-al (trans-2-octenyl aldehyde)

    Molecular formula: C8H14O

    Molecular weight: 126.20

    Physical and chemical properties: Slightly yellow liquid, soluble in ethanol and most fixed oils, slightly soluble in water, boiling point 84°C (2532.7 Pa), flash point 65°C.

    Source and preparation method: Synthesized from hexanal and ethyl vinyl ether under BF3 catalysis.

    Toxicological basis: GRAS: FEMA 3215.

    Quality requirements: quality standards (FCC, Ⅳ)

    Aroma: Fatty, green aroma

    Color:state Slightly yellow liquid,

    Relative density:0.830~0.850

    Refractive index:1.450~1.455

    Content/% ≥ 92.0

    Uses and precautions: Spices for fragrance. my country's "Sanitary Standards for the Use of Food Additives" (GB2760-1996) stipulates that it can be used to prepare various food flavors in appropriate amounts according to production needs. FEMA regulations: The highest reference dosage is candy, 1.0mg/kg; baked goods, 1.0mg/kg; condiments, 1.0mg/kg; meat products and meat sauces, 1.0mg/kg; soups, 1.0 mg/kg . Suitable for preparing vegetable and fruit flavors.

    Identification method: aroma identification.

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